Creating a snake woman

’s film Hisss will finally release on Friday. Amidst much media hype and much ado about Mallika’s naagin act, there are several facts that make this film promising.

First of all, it is not entirely a project, as it is helmed by a Jennifer Lynch, a director. The entire crew is a mix of Indians and westerners; in fact most technicians of the film are from .

The special make-up and VFX (visual effects) work is done elaborately in the film to give life to the legend of snake-woman. Robert Kurtzman, a Hollywood FX expert travelled to with his special team as the is entirely shot in . His previous works include films like Predators, Vanilla Sky, Spy , Hulk, etc. The list tells us how adept he is in creating unique creatures for big screen.

Robert Kurtzman

On his production company’s site, Robert has even released videos on the FX work done on Mallika for Hisss. The transformation of Mallika to a snake is done so creatively that it is a thrilling watch. For most of the breathtaking transformation scenes Mallika has bared it all, making the scenes look very authentic.


Coming to the movie’s soundtrack, it’s again a heady mix of both the west and the east. Hisss has compositions by talented musicians like David Kushner, , Alexander Von Bubenheim & LA’s Hip-Hop mogul Craig Nobles. For one of the songs composed by Julian Lennon, son of legendary Beatle founder John Lennon, Mallika herself has lent her voice. Bollywood music composer Anu Malik has composed a holi number for the film.

Jennifer Lynch

Jennifer Lynch who has directed the film is the daughter of four-time nominee and two times winner at Cannes Film Festival, David Lynch. Her full name is Jennifer Chambers Lynch. Besides directing films like Boxing Helena and Surveillance, she has also written a book called The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer.

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